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The Piano Education Page

A Musical Playground for Kids: Music Theory Lessons
--- Recommended by Emily, a student from

Educational Piano Resources --- A wonderful resource for young piano students

The Piano Brain --- The game where you read music

Ear Training online --- Listen to different pitches and identify the intervals

New York Philharmonic --- The Music Learning Website for Kids

San Francisco Symphony --- The Music Learning Website for Kids

Pipe Dreams --- Listen to Organ Music on the Internet

Educational and Fun Songs to Sing with Your Kids in the Car

More songs to sing in the car for kids

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Our dog 'Stout' is always anxious to greet our piano students,
eventhough he sometimes gets a bit too close to any approaching car. 
But after a piano lesson, it is always nice to cuddle with him.
'The Two Dimensions of Reality' is a book my father Harry Gunther wrote just before his passing in 2006.
It is a a spiritual reflection on the opposite realities we all experience.