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Ryan Oakley playing one of his favorite pieces.

Glen Oakley Plays Jazz With Pazaz

Timmy Topolski is a big fan of Beethoven.

This is a nice piece of music that everyone will enjoy. 
Watch Glenn Oakley in his presentation of Isaac Shephard's 'Before Dawn'. 

Ethan Fisher just turned 7 yrs old a few days ago and loves the piano.
After just 8 lessons he creates his own song.12/9/2017

Haley San Giacomo

11 year old Claudia Wetzel plays 'Space Ride'
Thank you to all my students for their performances in these above videos.

Here's a beautiful piece played again by Claudia Wetzel, written by South Korean composer Yiruma 'River Flows in You'

Brother and sister Duet
Timmy and Laura Topolski
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