Gunther Music Studio

A Musical Playground for Kids: Music Theory Lessons
--- Recommended by Emily, a student from

Ear Training online --- Listen to different pitches and identify the intervals

Educational and Fun Songs to Sing with Your Kids in the Car

More songs to sing in the car for kids

Lessons for the New Organist

New York Philharmonic --- The Music Learning Website for Kids

Pipe Dreams --- Listen to Organ Music on the Internet

The Piano Brain --- The game where you read music

The Piano Education Page

San Francisco Symphony --- The Music Learning Website for Kids

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Our dog 'Stout' is always anxious to greet our piano students,
eventhough he sometimes gets a bit too close to any approaching car. 
But after a piano lesson, it is always nice to cuddle with him.
'The Two Dimensions of Reality' is a book my father Harry Gunther wrote just before his passing in 2006.
It is a a spiritual reflection on the opposite realities we all experience.