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Piano Lessons
The pursuit of a Piano Education promises lifelong enjoyment, inspiration, and accomplishment.

Lessons are scheduled weekly and depending on the level are 30 to 60 minutes in length. Young beginners usually don't have a concentration span much beyond 30 minutes.  Most of my students are taught at my music studio in Blairstown.


Beginners                                                                30 minutes - $30.-
Intermediate Advanced or Adult                                 45 minutes - $40.-
Advanced or Adult                                                   60 minutes - $50.-

In order to benefit most from piano lessons, regular practice is important. An instrument in good condition should be available.  It is a good idea to have the piano tuned at least once a year, although twice a year is preferable. This keeps the pitch up and the piano sounding great. A digital keyboard is suitable for practice at a beginning level, keeping in mind an upgrade may be necessary as the musician advances.

Practice Tips

Benefits of Piano Lessons

So, you want to take lessons but you don't have a piano?

Unless you get lucky and buy a used instrument, are you ready to invest big dollars not knowing if it will meet your expectations?  You might consider getting an electronic keyboard as an intermediate solution.  Modern technology now provides you with some excellent choices in keyboards that might fit your budget.

Prospective students are always asking me for recommendations, so I've provided my personal favorites here along with shopping links. Musician's Friend and Music 123 are both favorites of mine, although do check out what you can get at   Compare specials between stores and go with the best deal.

If you have a limited budget, I highly recommend the Yamaha P-45. The action is hammer weighted, which means it feels and sounds like a real piano.

However, any electronic keyboard below $500 lacks the real feel of an acoustical piano.  You might want to look at keyboards that incorporate 'hammer weighted action'.  This means that the keyboard emulates the action of a grand piano.

After you've checked all of the above, here's one final look you should consider.  The Yamaha Arius YDP143R, comparing quality and price, in my opinion is the next best thing to a standard acoustical piano, but with one major advantage as with all electric keyboards... It's always in perfect tune!

My studio piano on which I teach is a Yamaha Clavinova CLP 535
"Music to me is the perfect expression of the soul."  Robert Schumann
Music and the Brain
Piano Lessons Improve Kids Math Skills
Arts Study Impact on SAT Scores

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Benjamin Erickson - age 6
Notice that even our family dog Mookie enjoys music.
-  taken 08/30/2007  -

Isabella Messina plans to pursue a musical theater career.
She has been studying piano with me for 11 years.   7/29/19
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August 2015
He just had his last piano lesson with his teacher Alphons Gunther
before venturing off to College.
Luke Peterson will be attending Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA
where he will continue his music studies and double major
in Music Performance and Environmental Science. 
When I took Luke on as a student he was passionate about Billy Joel's music
but now his passion has shifted in studying music of the great master
Johann Sebastian Bach. 
We wish Luke much success in his bright future.

Ricky Roman's last piano lesson, June 20th 2017
He has been studying with me for 7 years.
Here is a sample of the results of many hours of practice and perseverance.
The Main Theme of 'Howl's Moving Castle'
Ricky Roman started lessons in late summer of 2010.
He works very hard and is determined to learn challenging pieces.
In this video he is preparing for the 2012 Student Recital

Sometimes a student will have an excuse as to why he or she wasn't able to practice, but this really happened to one of them.

The dog ate Piano Book #2
of the Bastien Piano Method which I like to use.

After her piano lesson,
Rachel Evans likes to spend a little time with our family dog 'Stout'

2 Years later, Luke gave his Student recital at Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA. 
Here Mr. Gunther discusses his performance at a reception
held on November 9, 2017
Luke performed several piano pieces by Johannes Brahms as well as conducting several of his own compositions for Trumpet, French Horn, Clarinet and Saxophone.
Ethan Fisher always brings one of his students to piano lessons.
Here he is with 'Orange Cat McCoy'
sporting a face mask during the COVID-19 crisis.