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Can you imagine what she'll sound like when her feet can touch the floor?
Thank you to all my students for their performances in these above videos.

Rachel Evans Plays 'Pow Wow' and 'Roumanian Rhapsody'
at the 2016 Student Recital

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Ricky Roman's determination in learning the music to his favorite video game
gave him lots of motivation in learning to play this rather difficult
technically demanding rendition.  Bravo Ricky!
Mason Egan plays 'Happy Holiday' by William Gillock

Andie Baldwin playes her own composition
'Broken Valkyrie'
November 28,2017
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More Student Videos

Alicia Garis plays 'Soccer is My Favorite'

Trey Baldwin plays Spanish Gypsies by William Gillock

Andrea's Video Page

Natalie Motyka plays 'Work Out in Space'  (3/30/17)

Geoffrey and Anna Tillisch perform 2 short pieces.
Tim's Video Page

My graddaughter Helena Salvadore, 5 yrs old plays 'Ode to Joy' (8/23/18)

6 year old Galina Eisner playing Electric Bass 11/8/18

Geoffrey Tillisch is now also studying organ. 
Here is his rendition of 'Amazing Grace'..
Ethan Fisher plays the main theme of Hexagon Force by Waterflame

Ethan Fisher plays Pachelbel's Canon in D

Sabrina Motyka practicing her piano piece for the April 30 2022 recital.