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Ryan Oakley playing one of his favorite pieces.

Glen Oakley Plays Jazz With Pazaz

Timmy Topolski is a big fan of Beethoven.

This is a nice piece of music that everyone will enjoy. 
Watch Glenn Oakley in his presentation of Isaac Shephard's 'Before Dawn'. 

Ethan Fisher 8 yrs old came for his lesson, and without saying a word,
eagerly sat down at the piano and started showing of his talents
by playing 'The Entertainer'.

Haley San Giacomo

11 year old Claudia Wetzel plays 'Space Ride'
Thank you to all my students for their performances in these above videos.

Here's a beautiful piece played again by Claudia Wetzel, written by South Korean composer Yiruma 'River Flows in You'

Brother and sister Duet
Timmy and Laura Topolski
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