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Control technology: Smart control and user-friendly hot runner controller

GÜNTHER hot runner controllers and control technology are precisely tailored to the needs of the user. With innovative technologies, we also solve the challenges of tomorrow in this area: more energy efficiency, more productivity and more quality.

We optimise these processes through the intelligent networking of machines and products. The smart and high-precision hotrunner controllers in our blueMaster range represent the forward-looking platform for digital progress and open up new opportunities for users in the direction of Industry 4.0.


The blueMaster compact

The blueMaster compact is controlled via the smartphone using an app, allowing the temperature control unit to be freely positioned on the injection moulding machine. The innovative hot runner controller automatically optimises temperature control, has a heat-up function and a graphical temperature display that facilitates data interpretation. The intuitive menu navigation enables even inexperienced users to set up a hot runner system. The blueMaster compact is offered in three variants.

The blueMaster pro

The blueMaster pro is designed for all future technologies and brings together all machines involved in a process in communication with each other. Operation takes place directly on the device or via browser from anywhere thanks to the standardised OPC UA data interface. In addition, the smart temperature controller combines capabilities such as hot-runner diagnostics, heating function, self-optimising control, user account control and mould database. It is offered in four variants for the safe and precise control of complex hot runner systems.

Control units for valve gate technology

Our product portfolio also includes control units DPE4 to DPE16 for our valve gate technology. The ServoControl unit controls up to sixteen servo motors as a needle drive on the ANES multi-drop sliding mechanism.

Regel- und Steuerungstechnik
Control unit blueMaster compact
Typenbezeichnung Heisskanaldüse
Control unit blueMaster compact
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The smart controller for sluggish and agile hot runner systems.

Control unit blueMaster pro
Typenbezeichnung Heisskanaldüse
Control unit blueMaster pro
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Our premium controller, which assists with the setup of new moulds thanks to the assistance function.

Control units DPE4 through DPE16
Typenbezeichnung Heisskanaldüse
Control units DPE4 through DPE16
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Single needle drive for stepper motor type SMA

Control unit ServoControl SCM
Typenbezeichnung Heisskanaldüse
Control unit ServoControl SCM
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For servo motors as a needle drive on multi-drop sliding mechanism type ANES

blueMaster - The future of smart control

blueMaster compact

The blueMaster compact (3 to 6 control circuits) is designed as a control unit for smaller applications or for use in servicing. It is operated via app and adapts its control behaviour to the connected load without user intervention, thus eliminating the need to set the PID parameters. Even the smallest loads are controlled with high precision.

Smart advantages

  • Mobile handset network connection possible
  • Consistently state-of-the-art thanks to regular updates*
  • Data export of measurement data and progress graphs*
  • A mobile handset to manage several controllers
  • An existing mobile handset can be used
  • Wireless charge module integrated for mobile handset

* Mobile handset must be connected to the Internet

blueMaster pro

The blueMaster pro (6-24 control circuits) is used for the safe control of complex hot runner systems. It can be operated on the device or in a browser and is easily integrated into a control panel thanks to a network connection. Other key features: OPC UA interface according to Euromap 82.2, mould database, user administration, various data views and much more.

Smart advantages

  • Hot runner diagnosis
  • Heat-up function
  • Self-optimizing control
  • Highly precise control, even for tiny loads
  • Measurement data upload to the cloud
  • Full user account control with passwords and assignment of rights
  • Mould database
  • Display of temperatures as curve on graph for simplified interpretation
  • Help available in plain text directly on unit
  • Load fuses can be accessed from outside
  • Robust metal casing
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